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When I bought my first camera I never expected I would be doing anything but nature photography, yet here I am with a large portion of my portfolio made up of beautiful women in beautiful places. 

This has definitely been an experience so far and I've had the privilege of meeting some very amazing people on this journey. But like all endeavors in life, I know that the road is rarely an easy path to tread. That's a lesson I'm learning now. I'll post more on that later though...

I'm trying to find more ways to market what little work I have and I found an awesome site with some incredible art work, specifically nude art and I'm trying to get more work done that will give me a fighting chance against the other extremely talented artists on there. 

They say, "all good things in time" so I guess it's a matter of continued effort and patience until I can tell if I'm meeting that goal or if I need to work harder. 


Until next time!!

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